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L>  -=> Quoting George Pope to Longshot <=-
L>  L>  GP> Saddam was an employee of the White House!  Reagan helped kill
L>  L>  GP> Saddam's political opponent and enthrone SoDamned Insane!
L>  L>
L>  L>      I know that.  This makes it all fine for him to take
L>  L>      over countries, gas his people and kill innocent
L>  L>      citizens.  Ok.  Hes our lackey then that's excused!
L>  GP> You don't blame the gun -- you blame the triggerman!
L>  GP> In Saddam's case, the triggerman was America!
L>      Bad logic.  We also help out UK Prime misiters and
L>      Russian Leaders with arms and money.  But they
L>      don't go around invading countries and gasing folks
L>      and terrorizing their citizens by secret jails and
L>      such.   Its the person SADDAM who did it.  We didn't
L>      twist his arm to do it.  I know we helped him in
L>      the '80s but we help out alot of nations and they
L>      don't do that stuff.

The difference was that Saddam was only given power specifically TO do those

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