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Time: Tuesday, 12-26-6, 1:31
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 -=> Quoting George Pope to Longshot <=-

 L>  L>  GP> And not one of them involves a USA border!
 L>  L>      ???  This point is what?
 L>  GP> That these aren't America's wars!
 L>      I still don't get what a border has to do with "america's
 L>      wars" whatever that means as if theres some playbook
 L>      or rule book that defines only the rules Canada or
 L>      George might agree with ? :)

 GP> The point is "mind your own business at home"

    Oh I see.  A country should bury its head in the sand.  So what
    if their capital gets nuked or planes fly into planes.  So
    what if subways get gased.  So what if religious centers are
    suicide bombed.  They should all mind their own business.  Sure.
    We tried that back in WWI and WWII didn't work did it.
    We ere heavy isolationists and many years stayed that way.
    Till the war came to us like it did in the past 50 years of
    wars.  I think the idiots and dictaors out there should mind
    their own business and leave us out of it.  Then the world
    would be all at peace nice and safe in our homes and there
    would be no crime.  No drugs.  No genicide.  No famine.  Wow
    what a utopia that'd be!

    (man it smells of hard sarcasm in here)

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