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 TB> yall hear he quit....

 TB> so happy he finally quit.... LOL

 TB> :-)

     Well I think he tried his best.  See this is the problem with
     politics and glass houses.  Everyone is a monday morning
     quarterback and knows all but if they were in teh same job
     as president, chief judge, chief of state, etc. they would
     do the best job in the world.

     Folks don't realize that politics doesn't allow a simple black
     and white job description.  You have to compromoise and
     bend your positions and make deals.  Be it from the mayor on
     up to the president there may have been honest people going in
     at one point but in the end they have to always go back on
     their word in some fashion.  That's the nature of politics.

     Being president of the US is one of the hardest jobs on the planet.
     What you may think is wise or good there will ALWAYS be someone
     who decides its not.  Be it those in power in the senate or those
     on the newstands arguing over the issues.  One can't make everyone
     satisified that's pure impossible.  There will never be a politician
     with a pure 100% rating.

     Rumsfield was hated by many not for his job but for the war.  Folks
     don't say that they just hate the man cause it was his war when
     in fact its his boss's war.  Yet he got all the blame for it.
     Those things also cloud the judgement.

     So rumsfield may not have been the best chief in modern history
     but I honestly think he did as best he could.  Isn't that what
     we all say to our kids eventually ? " Do your best" .  Yet
     when they fail they get yelled out.  Double standards. :)

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