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Time: Thursday, 9-07-6, 12:57
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        So I guess Microsoft doesn't officially support Win98?
        I've not checked their sites but I guess this to be
        teh case?  True?
        I still prefer win98 for some reason over the other stuff.
        Are there sites i can download or buy a CD of the last
        Win98 full patched versions?  i still have win98 the
        old CD but not many of the updates over the years.
        What OS was the last to support a dos box?  Since I
        work in dos so much (its 20x faster than windoze for me
        and other folks who know it) what's the last version
        to have a dos box?  XP? ME? NT? I can't keep them all
        straight.  I use XP at work sadly but its so slow on
        what i could do if i had dos access its ridiculus.
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