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Time: Tuesday, 1-16-7, 11:21
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 -=> Quoting Andrew Leary to Longshot <=-

 L> Great.  That will be helpful.  I just don't like the new OSes since
 L> they don't support Dos.  I still do TONS of work in dos since I
 L> refuse to click every 3 seconds to get something done I can 10x
 L> faster in dos :)

 AL> Much the same reason that I still insist on running my BBS under OS/2
 AL> (actually eComStation 2.0 beta 3a currently.)

     Well I do email, ICQ and watch TV on the computer.  In windows.
     Other than that I do everything else in dos.  That includes
     programming and other things.  I could sit in a Windows IDE
     like Delphi and click click and click and click 30 more times
     but by the time I do that I could be beyond that point and
     30 lines down in code in Dos :)

     Windows just slows me down.

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