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 -=> Quoting George Pope to Longshot <=-

 L>         how can we spend millions to land a man on the moon
 L>         but we can't invent over a century a better way
 L>         to ensure soda doesn't get stale?
 L>         Yet they do.  We have a coke plant here.  So it ships
 L>         alot of times SAME day.  But just the drive from the
 L>         plant to the soda machine its shaking and rolling and
 L>         gets stale.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

 GP> That's the problem of tech foods. . . if you made your own you'd have
 GP> fresh whenever you wanted! (buy a soda mixer/dispenser, then you can
 GP> buy the tins of syrup and have fresh(not flat) Coke whenever you want!)

     Yeah.  Well you'd jus thtink with all the tech today we could
     fill bottles with enough air that pressure is strong enough
     the liquid can't shake and the trip home can't shake the
     liquid making it worse when you open it.  Some folks do
     have home dispensers.  I used to know a family who had one
     and a almost full soda fountain for ice cream floats and

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