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Time: Sunday, 10-22-6, 1:58
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 -=> Quoting George Pope to Longshot <=-

 L>         What I hate are store lights these days.  Its bad
 L>         enough we work in buildings alot of times with cubicles
 L>         and many times no windows.  But those harsh overhead
 L>         lights.  Then we enterplaces like Walmart or Kmart
 L>         where the lights are just excruiating.  Walmart is
 L>         the worst with their lights.  I go in and get a headache
 L>         within 5 minutes.
 L>         I could not stand to work 8 hours in a place like
 L>         that much less shop.  Glad I don't do both.
 L>         I guess corporations make lights like that for cheap
 L>         but for sure don't they test audiences with such lights?

 GP> And if nobody(meaning you) tells them, they have no clue still, that
 GP> there's a problem!

     And one person complaining about the lights is going to fix somethihng?

     Nah.  Its cheaper to run those style lights.  they last longer
     and they are actually better in terms for security cameras and
     some products/displays.  Echomics.  One complaint to $$$.  Nah.
     I can just ignore it by not going inside....which i tend not

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