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Time: Sunday, 10-22-6, 2:00
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 -=> Quoting George Pope to Longshot <=-

 L>         I HATE the pure Double standard concept.
 L>         Females can dish and talk about other women but
 L>         men can't even mention their girl might be putting
 L>         on a pound of weight.
 L>         Recently at work I heard some black lady talking about
 L>         a area of town know for its crime and black population.
 L>         She was saying she wouldn't be caught dead there after
 L>         dark.  But If I a white person said the same thing I'd
 L>         be a racist!
 L>         So many examples of the double standard I coudl be
 L>         up all night writing them...

 GP> I agree, but I think why it exists is because on certain topics,
 GP> certain groups have already over-abused their privilege of speaking
 GP> about certain other groups...

     So your saying each group has a set amount of time?  Whites
     can't no longer speak till when?  So I guess its been teh
     black's turn to talk freely about whites without "racism"
     since the '70s till when?  When's their turn up?  Who's
     next the illegal americans?  Is there some roster I can
     see the schedule? :)

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