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Time: Tuesday, 12-26-6, 3:02
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 -=> Quoting Quicken2k to Longshot <=-
> Yeah.  Give me your hair genes.  I wish I could grow one just so i
> didn't have to shave.  Its funny folks who have beards don't need
> to shave as much but those who want beards have to shave like
> crazy...go figure...
 Qu> There in the next mail packet  hehe
     Maybe....maybe someday it will end...
>  > I like the eletrics myself.  Though don't have one of those nifty new
>  > 5 razor shavers thing.  I hate the neck that's a pain.
 Qu> So, do I. It's all I use.
     I hate it when they tear up and one minor metal thing the size
     of a hair and it ruins it.  Can't clip it since it makes it
> My razor I charged up and went to use it and had a metal snag in the
> head piece.  Don't know how it did as the night before used it fine.
> Go figure.  So had to go buy a new one. A new cheap razor 29$. A
> razor head replacement is 28$? What the heck ??!?!? Its like buying
 Qu> I gotta find a replacment for this model but it's like 10yrs
 Qu> old :)
     Wow.  Mine tend to last 3-5 years.  Cheap is good cause
     you'll just need to replace it so why spend tons of
     money for the same quality.  Bought one this year think
     its has been about 4-5 years since before that.
> Nah.  Its real sexy and fun :)
 Qu> Sure is.
... U'll no fear. U'll no pain. And then U'll die. Have a nice flight!
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