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        The Fall season has started and some new good shows this

        * Heroes: Finally a hit for NBC.  This isn't your grandmother's
          super hero show.  The heroes have done murder, cheating
          and sex like nothing.  Its almost a modern versino of
          a hero show.  Its good but they will need to probably
          cut a hero or two since too many gives less detail for
          each character.  Course i guess when they are together we'll
          see more of each person.  The plot isn't too original or
          is the powers.  But so far its entertaining.

        * Studio 60: Not the greatest show but i came ot it since nothing
          else was up against it.  Plus it has 3 actors i like 1 from
          West Wing.  Its funny but if something else comes up against
          it might flip :0

        * The Unit: Season 2 A good show.  Good action and good characters.
          To see Jonas the ex president from 24 is good to see him
          in action and be another character as hes a good actor.

        * Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Still the only L&O show
          I watch.  The stories can be depressing but you know i watch
          it for the pure acting.  The main star is the best top 5
          actors on TV IMHO.  He has won awards for it so I'm not
          alone in this thought.  The actress is off the show likely
          to have a kid or time off shes ok as well but if the main
          guy left the show would die.

        * Dead Like ME: Scifi shows this series.  I believe showtime
          used to create it.  Its an original series about death
          reapers and has some good laughs and stories.  To see
          how folks die is part of the fun of the show.  Its meant
          to be funny and entertaining not serious.  Pretty good
          show.  Airs on scif-fi tuesday 7-9pm.

        * Jericho: This new CBS show can be depressing to some based
          on the subject matter of nuclear war.  But if your like
          me and like a mystery arc to a series like Babylon 5 or
          Lost then this series is good.  The mystery of what is
          truly going on and some of the characters who they are
          and such makes the show.  Its like Babylon 5 giving clues
          in pieces for the audience to work out.  Pretty good
          show though i gotta wonder how far they can go.  Then
          again I said that with Dead Zone and its like 5 seasons
          later for that show :)

        * Lost: This the 4th or so season I think.  Still the BEST
          drama show on TV.  It got that emmy for best drama last
          year I think.  Season has started off a bit slow but
          is finally picking up.  The next 2 eps should pick things
          up.  The Others aspect and still the whole mystery of the
          show is still appearling to me.  Too many shows solve
          the plot in 1 hour and have fluffed up characters.  Lost
          is one of the rare series like Babylon 5 that has a true
          plot arc and well developed characters.

        * The Nine: I had heard many reviews on this show.  But
          due to 2 mishaps taping the show I missed some details.
          Its trying to be like Lost with its characters but it
          seems to ramble a bit.  So don't think I'll watch it
          too long if something else is up against it.  Worth
          taping and fast forwarding but probably not viewing live.

        * Smallville: Interesting to see how the show has evolved
          over 6 seasons.  Now instead of dealing with local
          problems Clark is now expanding to his full superman
          potentional in world issues.  This last show we see
          the villians go world wide.  So it should be an interesting

        * CSI: This show was great when it started but it just
          sorta fell on the way side.  I still may only see
          the Vegas one and not NY or Miami (they suck acting
          wise).  But vegas seems to have declined in its quality.
          Not a must see show at this point.

        * Shark: I've been a fan of James Woods for a long time.
          Hes a good actor and good poker player :).  To see
          him go from movies to tv is a bit of a swing.  But
          I like the show so far.  Not a must see but if I tape
          it I'll see it.

        * ER: Course ER is probably still the only decent Medical
          show on TV left.  Its up against Shark and I think Sahrk
          is better at this point.  But ER is trying to survive.
          I just wonder for how long?

        * Dr Who: Still a entertaining show but not the greatest
          Scifi.  But then again it never meant to be really.
          The show recently with the 60s Female Companion and K-9
          I bet had fans jumping up and down.  Course I don't
          recall her from old PBS re-runs but oh well.

        * Battlestar Galatica: Finally the show is picking up.
          No more of this resistance stuff.  I was blown away
          by the ship jumping right in and out of the atmosphere.
          That was a cool trick.   Now I wonder if they'll slide
          from Cylons and maybe visit other worlds and other
          enemies like the old show did on their way to earth.
          We shall see.  But if its going to be soap opera stuff
          and only inside the ship for a season that'll be boring.

        * 7th Heaven: I'm told 7th Heaven's 11 season which is
          rare for shows has returned to TV.

     Anyone see the above and have comments or see other shows
     they want to comment on?

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