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Time: Saturday, 10-28-6, 4:09
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        Rented a bunch of movies to catch up on....
        A lot of them I never saw so had to catch up on.

        * Urban Legends: Bloody Mary:  I saw a couple of the UL
          movies.  This one deals with a few girls who are
          harrased and cause a bloody mary type spirit to seek
          revenge on those bad boys.  Rating 2/5

        * Hallow Man 2: I liked the first movie a lot.  But this
          sequel seemed to be lacking.  I even almost fell asleep
          watching it as the plot was weird.  Rating 2/5

        * March of the Penguins: Got it for niece but i liked it.
          It was long though.  I kinda liked it.  I thought
          it was more of a movie movie than a documentary.  Oh
          well.  Rating 3/5

        * The Hills have Eyes: This horror flick I was hoping to
          get more from.  It was a good horror flick but in no
          way scary for me.  The concept was ok.  Give it 3/5.
          This apparently was a remake from a '60s version?

        * Bad News Bears (2005): This remake from teh classic
          was good but not the best.  I grew up seeing the
          original so was just curious on how they'd redo it.
          I don't see more in the franchise though like the
          old Bad News bears series did.  Rating 3/5

        * Walk the Line: I was never a fan of Cash but a few
          select of his songs..But I was curious by the movie
          so saw it.  it was entertaining. Rating 3/5

        * When a Stranger Calls: This also a remake from teh
          old classic.  Not a scary one to me but funny than
          anything.  Predictable.  Some plot holes did leave
          me lacking though.  2.5/5

        * Bloodrayne: Many many hated this movie.  I actually
          enjoyed it.  The concept and plot was reasonably
          solid.  I never played the game but I liked the movie.
          Rating 4/5  It surprised me.

        Anyone see?  comments?

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