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Time: Saturday, 10-28-6, 4:22
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        And I rented more...
        * Hostage: Actually didn't rent but loaded on tv.
          Bruce Willis wasn't your typical bruce character.
          Had a interesting beard and was more human.  I
          liked the movie.  Good to see Bruce as something
          that doesn't need to blow up an entire building to win.
          Rating 3/5
        * Dark Skies: Anyone remember the old TV series that was
          short lived?  Loaded up the old movie on cable.  The
          show was good and this was the pilot movie.  Too bad
          it got cancled.
        * Nanny Mcphee: Niece wanted to see this one so got it.
          It turned out to be a cute family movie and enjoyed
          it.  It fit into the mary poppins style of movie.
          It had some good funny bits as well.  The behind
          the scenes stuff on the CD was excellent.  Funny
          to learn the actress playing Mcphee wrote the movie.
          Rating 3/5
        * Devil's Rejects: A sequal to hosue of 1000 corposes.
          Interesting and oddball like the first movie.  It
          was more advantgard than horror flick.  Ending was
          just as weird and oddball.  Rating 2/5
        * Big Momma's House 2: I liked #1 and always liked the
          actor and his old TV show doing characters like
          Eddie murphy used to do. This movie was hilarious.
          Him in the bathing suit and such.  Good laughs.
          Rating 4/5
        * ultimate Avengers: The movie: For comic fans this
          Avengers was good cartoon movie.  For fans who don't
          know the Avengers it includes Captain America, Hulk,
          Ironman, Thor and a couple other oddball types. The
          first movie was good and the art was good.  The ending
          was fast and should've been prolonged slightly.
          Rating 3/5  for comic fans 4/5.  Incidently Cartoon
          Network showed Avengers II the other day.  Saw it
          The sequal was more hard to follow the art as it
          seemed overdrawn in some spots so less enjoyable.
        * Eight Below: A good comedy.  The concept and plot
          was simple.  Based on a true story but even then
          it was a bit hard to believe but true.  The action
          the dogs went through was amazing and only one part
          was computer generated amazes me.  Good dog training.
          Rating 3/5.  A bit long in spots only drawback.
        * 16 Blocks: Another Bruce Willis movie.  This one
          had some interesting twists and characters.  Again
          bruce played a less heroic type character.  I
          enjoyed it but had a few problems but overall
          good flick.  Rating 3/5
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