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        ...and even more movies...
        * Underworld: Evolution: Sequal to the Underworld movie.
          i was unfournately disappointed.  I liked the first
          but this one seemed lacking in many areas.  It could've
          been a lot better.  Rating 2.5/5.
        * Coach Carter: When a movie has foul mouthed Sam Jackson
          in it you expect less.  But I was surprised.  Based
          on a true story it was a good movie.  If you like basketball
          it was better.  The story was simple and believeable.
          Even jackson did a good acting job in the movie.  Rating 4/5.
          The CD includes some true stuff on the real coach carter.
          This movie reminds you of the classic underdog story.
        * Pink Panther: The remake was lacking.  It did have some
          funny parts but Martin didn't put much into the character
          as he should've.  The classic panthers are better.
          Rating 3/5
        * Final Destination 3: I like the Destination movies.  #1
          was the best and #2 was good.  The way the folks die
          or get killed is the whole movie.  This one was ok but
          not the best in the series.  Rating 3/5  #1 4/5.
        * Descent: I can see why this went straight to DVD.  It
          was a redo movie just like the Core but with a differnet
          plot.  The Core was better.  This one was your typical
          going to the center of the earth and doing some nukes
          to stop trouble movie.  Nothing to make it unique over
          the other few movies of same concept.  Rating 2/5.
        * Equillibrum:  I came in thinking this was a simple B
          movie.  I rented it on the description.  But I
          was actually surprised.  The plot was not new and
          is a rehash of the classic 1980 Big Brother type
          movie.  But the action was spectacular.  The fights
          surprised me and made the movie for me.  Rating 4/5
        * Munich: Based on the Munich olympic killings that
          hit the Israelis.  The movie started out good
          but mid-way it seemed to derail and lose traction.
          It seemd to go on and on and should've left some
          things out and included other things.  I was
          expecting more.  Rating 2.5/5
       Course I don't rent for $$ since I got gift cards from
       last X-mas and such I went through it so never rent
       for actual $$$.  Anyone see the movies and have coments
       or such on them or recommend others?
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