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 Qu> Top 10 signs Battle star galactica is ending:
 Qu> 10. Show co-creators Ron Moore and David Eick are both developing
 Qu> multiple other projects. Moore is working on BSG prequel show Caprica,
 Qu> and Eick is working on both Bionic Woman and Them.
     Prequel eh?  Great.  Fun.  Maybe they'll actually have combat!
     B.W. is that a new TV or the movie?  I heard a movie was
     planned but not a tv series.  Them?  A remake movie?
     Doing other projects is always done in the industry.
     Even JMS and Trek producers all did it.  In case their
     current project ends they can get paid on other projects.
     So that's normal.
 Qu> 9. Crucial subplots, such as the fate of Sharon and Helo's hybrid
 Qu> baby, are left dangling for more than three episodes.
 Qu> 8. Rather than developing characters via personal transformation,
 Qu> character development is charted via hair length, presence/absence of
 Qu> beards, and weight gain/loss.
 Qu> 7. The only way the writers imagine they can showcase Edward James
 Qu> Olmos' considerable acting talents is via long-winded speeches.
     Yep.  Well they paid big for him.    Gotta use him :)
 Qu> 6. Cylon threesomes.
 Qu> 5. Too much intimacy with the mysterious Cylon enemy in their SM
 Qu> dungeon ship makes them seem campy rather than scary.
     Its all for the way....or some religious nonsense...
 Qu> 4. Entire episodes are clumsily devoted to single-word social issues
 Qu> like "torture" and "genocide."
     Yep.  Cheap plots.
 Qu> 3. Eick promises next season will bring more flashback-heavy episodes
 Qu> that focus on romantic entanglements and/or childhood trauma.
     oh god...not more boring stuff...
 Qu> 2. A retcon turns Adama into the cause of the Cylons' attack on the
 Qu> twelve colonies, thus making him both improbably important and too much
 Qu> of a bastard.
 Qu> and the number one reason is:
 Qu> 1. Boxing is used as a thin excuse for an episode that could have been
 Qu> written (better) by shippers.
 Qu> hehehe I just had to Scott!.
     Yep.  Well critica like the show but honestly I watch the
     show and that's it.  Want watch it twice (same ep).  Nto
     worth it.  Not one of the best all time series for me.
     Too mushy and soap operary.  I mean could we have an
     actual fight other than once in a season?
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