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Time: Wednesday, 12-27-6, 5:39
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        Well with it being mid-season were in a time of repeats
        for awhile....
        * Heroes: how did you guys like Heroes so far? Looks good.
          Interesting powers but not all too original.  My favorite
          guy is probably the Japanese guy.
        * Daybreak: This mid-season replacement for Lost seems pretty
          good.  A groundhog day like concept.  But interesting
          in the style of plot.
        * The Unit: Continues to be a good show.  Funny how it beat
          E-ring.  It beat it due to good characters, good stories
          and decent not over the top action like E-ring.
        * Smallville: Nice to see further changes in characters.
          The twists are always good.
        * Shark: A simple show but I've always liked James Woods.
        * Dr Who: Well the 2nd season is over.  Instead of the Doctor
          changing the Companion changes.  The last few shows have
          been fairly well made.  If only the '60s sereis was like
          that I'd have seen it all through :)
        * Stargate: SG1 - Well the 10th season is it.  Its over.
          When it returns in a couple months they'll end the series.
          Course its about time really to me.  They've run their
          course.  I just am curious who/if they'll kill off in
          the main SG1 group.  Just hope they resolve things rather
          than leaving things open.
        * Stargate: Atlantis.  Waiting for it to return.  I hear there
          are plans for a 3rd Stargate series.  We shall see.
        * Battlestar Galactica: Yawn.  Not a great season.  They could
          go in so many directions with the series but have bad
          writers i guess.  Maybe they'll end it in 1-2 seasons and
          get to earth.
        * Lost Room: Anyone see this 3 night mini-series?  Was pretty
          interesting concept.  I could definitely see a normal seies
          out of it.  Wonder if they will.
        Anyone see above or have comments?
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