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Time: Tuesday, 8-12-14, 7:56
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 On Tue, 12 Aug 2014, booleanenator wrote to Terry:

firstly, you might want to be aware that you posted this into the AMIGA
 area on fidonet instead of a local area which you might have been
intending to
 post in...

your post is also carrying your handle or nickname... most fidonet echos
require one's real name... either in the FROM field or as a signature... you
might want to bring this up with the sysop of the system you posted from ;)

 b> I used to be the sysop for the old school board RamNet (1:128/14)
 b> and am  interested in joining fidonet again (even in it's current
 b> state, where there is only one phone number in the nodelist for net
 b> 128 and it doesn't answer with modem  tones). I am not setup yet
 b> (need to get a phone line and a computer with  modem)

you don't have to have a modem to do fidonet these days... there are several
ways of using telnet to be able to get to your system as well as connecting
other systems... depending on your OS, you might be able to use virtual
or virtual fossil package for this task :)

having a modem and landline, whether real copper or VoIP is a GoodThing,
though ;)

 b> but I wanted to know if TJ is the same TJ from back in the early
 b> 90s.
 b> --- Platinum Xpress/Win/WINServer v3.0pr5
 b>  - Origin: Colorado Springs Central Net (1:128/187)

i'm leaving this info here so you'll know which system it was you posted
in case you read this on another system ;)


 * Origin:  (1:3634/12)

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