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Time: Sunday, 11-17-19, 9:10
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GM>On Sat 16-Nov-2019 10:00a, Strahinja Bojovic@2:382/147.0 said to Sioux:
GM>SB>    More or less alive :) I got Amiga last year after 25 years without
GM>SB>    Amiga and started programming again and I dont spend too much
GM>SB>    time with my family anymore :)
GM>        Glad you are back on the Amiga.  Sorry to hear about the family!
    When I'am happy they are happy. So...;) It is something that wife
    can not mess with, but once I tryed to explain her but I think
    that she was thinking about what to cook that day ;) Actualy, she
    asked me if I can get some money for some little program that I made
    :) After that I got more that 250 downloads of that program on
    Aminet and I was pissed couse I didnt ask for donation of 1 euro.
    That would almost cover costs of buying Amiga 1200. Sht! :)
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