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Time: Thursday, 1-01-15, 9:44
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> Hello Greg,

>> Uggg... so did you have to sell the A1200?   Man that
>> was a sweet machine.

> It was a really nice machine.  My friend Nigel had one
>that we upgraded with a Blizzard (iirc) accelerator with 50 MHz 68030 +
> RAM (I forget how much) and a SCSI host adaptor.  Mine was more modest, but
> still a joy to use.  I had 6 Mbytes RAM (2M chip onboard and a 4M SIMM)
and a
> 32 MHz 68882.  I gave it to a friend before I left the U.K. because his
> floppy-only A500 was not quite up to the work he was doing.

> - Andy Ball.

Found our conversation 2011 and got a good laugh out of it.

I am happy to report in 2015 that I have a Amiga 1200 which I am loving the
heck out of with Terminus.   Great BBSing machine.  :)

2014 was the year I put away the Atari 800, just simply couldn't get a
decent term program running on that 8 bit machine, and picked up an Amiga
500 and then when I had sunk all that money into the 500... was offered a
1200 at a good price.  :P

Funny how these things work out.

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