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Time: Friday, 7-10-20, 12:22
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-=> Quoting Maurice Kinal to Nancy Backus on 02-Jul-2020 17:11 <=-
 NB>> Well, that's a disappointment...
 MK> So far it looks to be a deal breaker considering I haven't turned it
 MK> on since the first official reply was sent from it.  The thrill is
 MK> gone.
Oh, well....  ;)
 MK>> uEmacs can do utf8 so it should have a future.
 NB>> That sounds like a good idea...  ;)
 MK> I have yet to try it out but given that it successfully compiled the
 MK> binkd it is using to recieve/send msg's then I am guessing it can also
 MK> compile and run uEmacs.  We'll see ... eventually.
Possibly a new experiment to grab your attention for a bit.... ;)
ttyl       neb
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