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Time: Friday, 7-10-20, 12:25
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-=> Quoting Maurice Kinal to Nancy Backus on 02-Jul-2020 17:16 <=-
 NB>> Just as well I don't need to pick up my son at the Montreal
 NB>> Airport this year.... ;)
 MK> I heard yesterday that the border could stay closed for nonessential
 MK> travel for another year.
That could be a bummer... but not that out of reason to do, I suppose...
 NB>> Happy Canada Day (tomorrow as I write this)...!
 MK> That was yesterday (as I reply to thus).  I celebrated by buying an
 MK> extra large Dark Roast from the Tim Horton's drive through.  How about
 MK> you?
We didn't celebrate either, particularly... but there were a lot of
fireworks (legal, semi-legal and illegal) going off in our neighborhood
all day and into the night of the 4th... noisy, and some rather
ttyl       neb
... Paper clips are the larva stage of wire hangers!
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