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Time: Thursday, 5-28-20, 6:41
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-=> Charles Stephenson wrote to Dennisk <=-
 CS> On May 11th 8:00 pm Dennisk said...
 De> I hear you, and I do see your point.  The mess in the nappies is far
 De> better to deal with than the mess in the real world.  That is the
 De> part of being a father, having your generation leave a good legacy for
 De> the next one.  I kind of think that when you become a parent, that is
 De> just as much a responsibility of yours, as is feeding them and cleaning
 De> them.
 CS> I wish other fathers (all parents) realized this important fact.  So
 CS> many put the blame on others, what the 'other' generation.  It takes a
 CS> little effort, but OUR generation can make things better for our kids.
Whether we can make a difference or not, I don't know.  But we DO have to
responisibility.  We can't just limit our responisbility to our own
and job.  We all have a responsibility to our community, our neighbourhood,
world, the earth.  Just because we have managers and elected officials, it
doesn't absolve us of taking some responsibility and control.
... Dennis Katsonis
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