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-=> Charles Stephenson wrote to Dennisk <=-
 CS>   Re: Re: Dad'ism
 CS>   By: Dennisk to Charles Stephenson on Thu May 28 2020 06:41 pm
 De> Whether we can make a difference or not, I don't know. But we DO have
 De> take responisibility. We can't just limit our responisbility to our own
 De> household and job. We all have a responsibility to our community, our
 De> neighbourhood, our world, the earth. Just because we have managers and
 De> elected officials, it doesn't absolve us of taking some responsibility
 De> control.
 CS> VERY well said. I couldn't have said it better myself. I personally try
 CS> to follow that creed, I won't say I do it often, but I DO, do it. I
 CS> need to do more. And then, that's never enough. I used to be active in
 CS> teen activities, groups and clubs. Its been years though. *I* need to
 CS> do more.
It is hard to do, but its good to hear people at least acknowledge it.
one feels powerless to do the right thing, especially when your job depends
you acting to the contrary.  But even speaking up, or just letting others
that there is a conflict is much better than nothing.
Dennis Katsonis
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