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Time: Saturday, 5-30-20, 8:36
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Replying to both ... my apologies, my fingers are on fire this evening ...
too many post replies ...
 De>  CS> VERY well said. I couldn't have said it better myself. I
personally t
 De>  CS> to follow that creed, I won't say I do it often, but I DO, do it.
 De>  CS> need to do more. And then, that's never enough. I used to be
active i
 De>  CS> teen activities, groups and clubs. Its been years though. *I*
need to
 De>  CS> do more.
CS -- I tried various clubs and was disappointed.  Most were just rich old
guys writing checks and meeting weekly for lunch.  Any actual volunteer work
they conjured up did not really sit well as being helpful to the community,
nor the world.  And, when I would participate, those writing the checks were
never there.  So .. I flipped a lot of hot dogs and sorted a lot of canned
goods at the food pantry, while they wrote checks to suppor them and moved
with their pretensious week.  What have you found most valueble to teach
kids through action, that falls in line with being responsible to more then
just ones household?
 De> It is hard to do, but its good to hear people at least acknowledge it.
 De> Often one feels powerless to do the right thing, especially when your
 De> job depends on you acting to the contrary.  But even speaking up, or
 De> just letting others know that there is a conflict is much better than
 De> nothing.
I quit corporate life for the very reason of most conflicting wtih my
policital or social views.  I do not mean this maliciously, hoowever if my
mom had not passed, I'd still be required to work for corporations.  I was
blessed with a mom that saved every penny she could her entire life.  She
never made more than $15 per hour at most, that I recall, but she saved much
more then I thought a person could at that type of pay -- especially living
in new york.
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