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Time: Saturday, 5-30-20, 8:31
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  Re: Re: Dad'ism
  By: Doug Cooper to Dennisk on Sat May 30 2020 20:36:07
> I quit corporate life for the very reason of most conflicting wtih my
> policital or social views.  I do not mean this maliciously, hoowever if my
> mom had not passed, I'd still be required to work for corporations.  I was
> blessed with a mom that saved every penny she could her entire life.  She
> never made more than $15 per hour at most, that I recall, but she saved
> more then I thought a person could at that type of pay -- especially living
> in new york.
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I wish I could do the same too.  I could change careers, but that would
in a drop in salary that I can't really make work at the moment.  I can't
change the company from within, because no matter how much they talk about
"values", they are all the same really. In fact, the MORE a company talks
 value, the worse it behaves.
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