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Time: Monday, 6-01-20, 6:23
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On May 29th 5:01 am Dennisk said...
 De> It is hard to do, but its good to hear people at least acknowledge
 De> Often one feels powerless to do the right thing, especially when your
 De> depends on you acting to the contrary.  But even speaking up, or just
 De> letting others know that there is a conflict is much better than
So so true. One thing that I've learned in my advancing age is to
compromise. I don't take 'score' or do something in hopes I get something
in return. I never really did things for that reason, but I always had a
hint of hope in the back of my mind.  I do things for others just because
if I can, I do. I in no way have a lot. I prolly have less than the average
person, but I am happy
with what I have. I'm blessed. I don't argue, even when I know I'm right. I
have had to catch myself. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I DO hope I
can help SOMEone
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