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Time: Saturday, 6-20-20, 12:15
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-=> Sean Dennis wrote to Jimmy Anderson <=-
 -=> Jimmy Anderson wrote to Sean Dennis <=-
 JA> My wife and I have been thinking about finding a 'good for the money'
 JA> Class C to do some travel with... We like the idea of one of us
 JA> crawling in the back to sleep while the other drives, being able to
 JA> just pull in to 'camp' or sleep, having the same vehicle to just 'take
 JA> the home itself' to Wal-Mart or whatever.
 SD> My friend's parents sold their house, bought a Class A (bus) motorhome,
 SD> and have lived on the road for 10 years.  It works for them!
 JA> It's just the two of us, and a decent one will still have temporary
 JA> sleeping areas for a few more (maybe above the cab, for the grandkids),
 JA> so it would still be good for that too...
 SD> For me, I like the trailer and tow vehicle so I can drop off the
 SD> trailer and go explore.  A good motorhome is nice though since if
 SD> you're not wanting to go exploring all over when you travel to
 SD> different places.
Not a bad idea, but can't crawl in and sleep while the other is driving. :-)
Not safely or legally, anyway - LOL
 SD> I'd find a way to get a radio in the trailer, of course.  Maybe a Yaesu
 SD> FT-891 and a Yaesu ATAS-102 would be a good fit.
Well if we go Class C I'd just move one of our mobile rigs over to it I'm
sure. :-)
 SD> Though, I have been thinking that if I'm going to spend that kind of
 SD> money, I might get a 19' Scamp fifth-wheel trailer.  That way my cat
 SD> would have somewhere to sleep while we're traveling. :D
We have TWO cats now - so yeah, that's not bad either...
... Police station toilets stolen. Cops have nothing to go on.
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