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Time: Monday, 3-25-19, 9:44
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-=> On 03-24-19 12:57, mark lewis wrote to Tony Langdon <=-

 ml> i'm not a QWK hub... it was a user uploading QWK mail before checking
 ml> that the conference numbers were still accurate for the areas they were
 ml> posting in... i don't even know what numbers they have without going
 ml> into scfg and wading through all the areas looking specifically for
 ml> them...

Ahh, OK, that'll do it too.  I've done that to myself by accident a couple
times lol

 ml> static would be good, though... i'm concerned with how they would be
 ml> listed on the user's end when i insert new areas into the config in
 ml> alphabetical order... then there's the same problem but in reverse when
 ml> areas are removed...

I add new areas at the end where possible.  I still use dynamic conference
numbers for non networked nets and use static numbers for the QWK networks.

 ml> these two problems (above) are one of the main reasons why i much
 ml> prefer FTN echotags over QWK area numbers... the numbers can change but
 ml> with echotags it doesn't matter what order they are in, the tag is
 ml> always used so adding/removing areas doesn't lead to messages being
 ml> posted into the wrong areas...

You can set your QWK numbers to be static.  And don't use consecutive
if you want to be able to insert conferences between them.

 ml> we probably should move this over to one of the sbbs areas, though...

Feel free to, I am linked up. :)

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