Digital Radio - Which One and Why?

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Time: Monday, 3-27-17, 11:08
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  Re: Digital Radio - Which One and Why?
  By: Rich Lawrence to All on Tue Feb 07 2017 07:36 pm

Hey Rich,

 RL> Have you started or made a total switch to digital yet? And if so,
 RL> one and what was the main reason for that particular one?

 RL> I have started my switch. I have a new Yeasu FT2DR which uses C4FM
 RL> digital. I also have an Icom ID-31 that is a UHF D-Star hand held. I
 RL> plan to get a DMR radio to kind of round it out, and from there make a
 RL> determination which one is the best for me.

I just passed the first exam and should be getting my Callsign sometime this
week.  I also purchased the FT2DR and have been looking forward to playing
it and seeing how it works.

 RL> Locally we have a lot of Hams with DMR radio. It seems that is the main
 RL> one most people here are using. What about you guys?

I am located in Ft Worth Texas and we seem to have quite a mix of
I'm looking at the iCom 7100 to venture off in the D*Star world and see
what is
going on in that direction.

Thanks for thowing this out there.

73  RB
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