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Time: Monday, 8-20-18, 9:13
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-=> On 08-19-18 07:55, Jimmy Anderson wrote to David Abutbul <=-

 JA> Yeah, some DMR here, but I haven't jumped into that. No budget for new
 JA> stuff right now...

DMR is the cheapest of the DV modes to get into, as there's a few budget
radios around that apparently work reasonably well.  I got mine for the best
price of all - won 2 DMR HTs in a Facebook promotion/competition. :)

 DA> I am 34 and most hams I know locally are older, or considerably older.

 JA> Well I'm 51, but only got into this about 2 or 3 years ago. :-) There
 JA> are some around here younger, but most are older than me. :-) Several
 JA> of them are ex-military as well.

I'm 50 and the vast majority of hams in the local club are older than me.
There are a handful of younger ones around too.  I'm also rather unusual
for a
ham, being physically active as well.  My idea of "radiosport" is not
around racking up points in a contest, but something more like ARDF. :)  I
hope we can get more younger hams, there's a lot of knowledge and
experience in
our club that needs to be passed on, before it's too late.

 DA> I understand this is not the same for USA and Japan.

 JA> Where are you?

For the record, I'm in Australia. :)  David's in Israel, IIRC.

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