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Time: Thursday, 6-11-20, 10:10
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Hi Daniel!
10 Jun 2020 21:33, from Daniel -> Richard Menedetter:
 Da>>> Well Musk is well on his way to having the first reasonably
 Da>>> priced and broadband/low latency satellite internet service
 Da>>> available to the public.
 RM>> Can you give a brief overview of the service?
 RM>> Or maybe post a link?
Sorry ... I could not find any price information for their satellite
service there.
I wanted to compare to other Sat Internet services.
Eg. sat internet from our incumbent telco:
45 EUR for 22 MBit/s down 6 MBit/s up with 10 GB traffic per month
60 EUR for 30/6 with 20 GB/month
90 EUR for 30/6 with 60 GB&month
150 EUR for 50/6 with 150 GB/month
How much more reasonably priced is the Space X offering?
When going low earth orbit you gain better latency but pay with incredibly
higher cost.
(you need a hackload more of satellites)
CU, Ricsi
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