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Time: Thursday, 6-11-20, 8:00
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Hello Richard!
** On Thursday 11.06.20 - 10:10, Richard Menedetter wrote to Daniel:
 RM> Sorry ... I could not find any price information for their satellite
 RM> service there.
:( Likewise. It just seems suspicious that he got away with the project
without actually stating what the price of using the service would be to a
customer.  Wouldn't the bottom line price be the logical concern before
tossing 1000's of more space junk up there that can put other people at
the risk of falling debris?
 RM> How much more reasonably priced is the Space X offering?
I have to wonder too. I think the use of the satellite tech will
eventually be promoted as a premium service thus higher than current
prices for the same bandwidth.
For example, the current home satellite-dish solution was heavily promoted
as "a solution at last!" for rural communities.  The initial signup cost
seemed reasonable. Some installations offered free hardware setup, but the
equipment for the home wasn't cheap. Now, many years later, the sign up
and equioment cost is a bit lower, but only for the first 3 months.  This
kind of presentation of "affordability" is misleading.
 RM> When going low earth orbit you gain better latency but pay with
 RM> incredibly higher cost. (you need a hackload more of satellites)
I just spotted "720 satellites for total coverage in 2020" in wikipedia.
Then its 1584 by 2021-2022.
And now I read that Daniel stated that Musk want's 20,000 of things in the
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