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Time: Monday, 6-15-20, 11:26
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-=> August Abolins wrote to Daniel <=-
 AA> Hello Daniel!
 AA> Sorry.. I did not mean to discredit the entire effort.  But I was just
 AA> thinking of those pieces as "junk" as they are decomissioned into lower
 AA> orbit and into reentry for burn up.  There is a risk that some debri
 AA> would remain and possibly cause damage.  Coordinating a satellite back
 AA> into decent to earth and avoid stiking an airliner could be a
 AA> challenge.
It would likely burn up on re-entry enough to reduce a risk, as well as
considering the probability that any object would be in harm's way even if
 AA> It will be very interesting when the real figures pop up.  Right now, I
 AA> am not interested in paying more than $40/mo for any kind of internet.
 AA> The concept is already overpriced as it is, imho.
Yeah, we all have our budgets. I agree that internet is too expensive as it
 AA> Actually, it's pretty sad to witness so much attention to the internet
 AA> when ordinary phone quality seems to be diminishing year by year. I am
 AA> so fed up with the audio lag and echo that people have when they call
 AA> from their VoIP lines or cell phones. Almost every one having
 AA> discontinued their landlines in favour of lower-cost VoIP or cell
 AA> phones sound like they are all under water.
I've seen a decline on phone use personally. Most people I know don't wish
speak on the phone. They want to text message, use social media, or talk in
 AA> With the orbital satellites contantly on the move, I did not expect
 AA> that a user would need a fixed dish. I imagine it would work much like
 AA> GPS operates.  I am impressed how quickly my portable GPS Drive-60
 AA> device can track and report the speed of my vehicle to the second in
 AA> real-time.
GPS uses far fewer satellites to triangulate your position as well.
 AA> But not more than $40/mo for me!
Fair enough.
Daniel Traechin
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