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Time: Sunday, 6-21-20, 11:32
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Hi August!
21 Jun 2020 15:51, from August Abolins -> Richard Menedetter:
 AA> Speaking of lowcost laptops, I discovered this article, and it
 AA> mentions on  a sidenote that the Pinebook is passivley cooled (ie. no
 AA> fan)
 AA> so- you-wouldnt-have-to/
 AA> How long have you had your Pinebook Pro now?
 AA> Any shortcomings so far?
I have it for maybe half a year.
I like it very much and I use it daily.
With 6 cores (2 big + 4 little) and 4 GB of RAM it is enough for my day to
day use. (1 million Firefox tabs and 2-3 terminals with SSH to Linux
There are many supported OSes.
I use the default Manjaro (??), and it has some issues with the WiFi
sometimes it looses connection, and you have to reconnect.
I tried the Chromebook image, and it did not have that issue there, but I
did not like that image. (you can boot from SD card to try out new images
without flashing the eMMC)
Apart from the WiFi issue I have no issues.
It is no powerhouse with but it is enough for 99% of what I do.
And it is much lighter and the battery life is much longer than my regular
CU, Ricsi
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