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-=> August Abolins wrote to Richard Menedetter <=-
 AA> Hello Richard!
 AA> ** On Thursday 14.05.20 - 08:01, Richard Menedetter wrote to August
 AA> Abolins:
 RM> BTW I also have a Pinebook Pro and a Pinephone.
 RM> Both have physical switches for the camera and Microphone ;)
 RM> BTW2 do not really use the Pinephone, just bought it out of curiosity.
 RM> But I use the Pinebook Pro regularly! ;)
 AA> Speaking of lowcost laptops, I discovered this article, and it mentions
 AA> on a sidenote that the Pinebook is passivley cooled (ie. no fan)
 AA> -
 AA> you-wouldnt-have-to/
 AA> How long have you had your Pinebook Pro now?
 AA> Any shortcomings so far?
I got the first pinebook as an early adopter.
A few weeks into owning my pinebook, I left it on my couch all day and the
battery died. Ever since then manage to get it to power up and give me the
splash screen but it never gets past.
My experience with the pine forum is that they expect anyone on there to be
hyper-knowledgeable in the hacker/maker space. I'm not either of those. So,
attempted to troubleshoot as much as possible. Obtaining help from the
there wasn't helpful enough to a point that it led to a resolution. The last
solution I got from them was to do a reimage of the OS on the device.
Documentation was pretty raw and following their steps as closely as
never managed to get the device working again. Their IRC didn't lead to any
assistance either. I got the message, if you can't handle figuring it out
yourself, you don't belong here.
I'm considering pulling the pine board out and slapping a Pi in its place
it's a complete laptop chassis with keybaord, trackpad, display, speakers.
Daniel Traechin
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