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Time: Monday, 8-31-20, 8:15
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SQRL would be so much better than this:
As part of our ongoing commitment to further enhance security and
confidentiality of ipage® users, we are implementing additional
requirements for
ensuring account protection. Between now and September 14, 2020, login to
and adjust your security settings to align with the requirements outlined
(items marked Action Required):
Security Feature ipage Requirement
Password Requirements
(Action Required) • 8 character minimum (New as of 6/25! reduced from 16
• Contains one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and one digit
• Does not match previous 10 passwords
• Does not contain the user’s first name, last name, or ipage User ID
Security Questions and Answers
(Action Required) 5 questions will be provided. Choose two questions and
establish answers for both.
Answer Requirements:
• Minimum of 3 characters
• Cannot duplicate questions or answers
• Cannot contain User ID, email
• Cannot match password
Password Expiration
(For your information) Passwords expire after 365 days
• Users will receive a reminder email 14 days prior to expiration:
--- TB(Stealth)/Win7
 * Origin: nntp:// - Lake Ylo - Finland (2:221/360.0)

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