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Time: Friday, 1-03-20, 9:42
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On 03.01.2020 8:21, Nil Alexandrov - Fabio Bizzi :

 NA> I have looked into the implementation details of what goes into
 NA> Fidonet 'To' field when you follow-up on (reply to) a message in
 NA> jamnntpd/smapinntpd.

 NA> When you view an article, the 'To' field from the JAM message will
 NA> show up as an optional 'X-Comment-To:' header.

 NA> When you post an article as a result of a follow-up, your client may
 NA> provide an optional field 'References: ' with the message-id of the
 NA> original message you replied to (and sometimes the whole chain).

 NA> I have tested with Thunderbird for Mac and NewsTapLite for iOS and
 NA> both passed the correct 'References: ' header. Jamnntpd/smapinntpd
 NA> will look up that message-id from the 'Reference: ' header in the JAM
 NA> database and will extract the 'From' field of that message. That
 NA> 'From' name will become a 'To' field of the newly posted message.
 NA> That 'From' name will  also be used as initials when smart quoting
 NA> feature is enabled.

:D :D


 * Origin: smapinntp:// (2:221/0)

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