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Time: Friday, 11-22-19, 2:20
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 On 2019 Nov 12 19:50:46, you wrote to me:
 AA>> I type it in at the root site address:
 AA>>    http:// /what-time-changed-php.php
 AA>>  ..but this is coming up with a blank display.
 AA>> What am I doing wrong?
 ml>> invalid or no html? have you looked at the resulting page's
 ml>> source in your browser?
 AA> php can be executed directly.
i know :)
 AA> I don't need to call it within html.
i didn't say you did but if you expect a browser to properly render the
 it should be in proper html format ;)
 ml>> also, for security reasons, you'd be better off to have
 ml>> $filename contain only the file's name... put the path in
 ml>> another one and do not output it at all... then connect the two
 ml>> when needed...
 AA> What do you mean "do not output it at all"?  How would I see the result
 AA> otherwise?
i'm saying that if you want to keep your server's directory layout secret to
prevent possible hacking access and fore-knowledge of your setup, do not
 the path of the file...
 AA> I just want to produce a report of "last modified" dates of files in
 AA> specific directories. And if that works, have the script email the
 AA> on a schedule. But the above is a first step.
then why be messing with looking at the output in a browser?
 AA> How would this would be a security risk?
because it would publish the path to those with possibly nefearious
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