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Time: Sunday, 1-13-19, 7:23
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 CS> I'm trying to transfer stuff from my Laptop HDD to a bigger HDD for my
 CS> laptop. I found this cool device that lets me turn the extra drive into
 CS> a external USB drive, I ordered it off of E-Bay yesterday for only 10
 CS> bucks!  I DO have to find the right software for linux that will copy
 CS> EVERYthing as is to the other drive...
dd is your friend in that case. You can get the devices name using lsblk.
Then copying will be just to run: dd if=/dev/{srcdev} of=/dev/{tgtdev} bs=4M
This will copy block by block, from {srcdev} to {tgtdev}.
Once completed, you will have to expand your partitions on the target drive
to use it's full size, since the partitions will be sized from the source
drive size when originally created.
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