Problem found with downlinks heavily pol

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Time: Sunday, 9-15-19, 1:30
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Hello mark!
Saturday September 14 2019 14:36, you wrote to me:
>  On 2019 Sep 09 15:32:44, you wrote to me:
>>> i switched to raw PKTs over a decade ago and have never looked
>>> back...
 VC>> MAy well have to do the same
> from my side of the fence, it is recommended... especially if you're
> in a "crash-me-crash-you" delivery setup where all mail is delivered
> ASAP once it is processed and ready to go...
Nope, all mail/files are put on hold for downlinks.
If it gets to be over 7 days since a poll (outside July, August and Dec,
attempt to poll a few days running if that fails system puts the node on
passes me a msg to put them as hold in the nodelist segment. After 14 days
go as down and 21 days they are remarked out.
Sometimes (must get around to looking at that) my system will notify me that
they have polled me after this and I will remove the 'remark' char in the
nodelist and unpause them for mail/files.
Must figure out how to fully automate this all some day.
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