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Time: Friday, 11-01-19, 12:00
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Tag: MBSE       All Fidonet backbones
Restriction:    Real names ONLY
Distribution:   All Official Fidonet Backbones
Gateways:       None what so ever, Period.
Language:       English Only
Moderator:      Vincent Coen, 2:250/1
Updated:        25-04-2018  |  20180425
The main aim of this echo is to help provide support and to pass on problems
regarding the Mbse BBS system software that runs under Linux/FreeBSD/OSX
operating systems between users and the programmers.
When reporting problems you must always specify the mbse version in use as
well as the flavour and version of Linux you are running. Other information
should be provided also, as needed that allows others to provide assistance.
This echo can also be used to request new or modified bbs features as a TODO
list as well as new release announcements.
I'll add/update this simple set of rules if necessary.
Vincent Coen
Worldwide Moderator.
--- MBSE BBS v1.0.7.12A (GNU/Linux-x86_64)
 * Origin: Air Applewood, The Linux Gateway to the UK & Eire (2:250/1)

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