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Time: Saturday, 6-20-20, 10:03
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 JA>  DC> mention The Punisher series on Netflix.  LOVE the show.
 JA> I started it, but couldn't get into it... Might try again.
The Punisher?  I'm a huge past time comic book collector and felt that the
Netflix version (Season 1 and 2) best represents the original comics.  I
the characters.  It's helpful to also watch Daredevil as the characters go
hand and hand, and Daredevil came out first.  The Punishers my FAV comic
character, second only to the Dark Knight.  But, I'm more of a DC comics
so yeah, the new WW I'll be watching as soon as it's released.  The Black
Widow apparently is, but I can't find online where.  Marvel has good movies
too, but the Avenger Series is hard for me to get into for some reason; as
was the Fantastic 4.  Although, I loved Thor.
 JA> I don't pay attention to it. :-) He's an artist, and I like the
 JA> product.
Agreed.  I'm not a star struck type of person.  I don't follow their
lives.  Tom Cruises is a bit in the spotlight, or was during both of his
divorces.  It seems he's a pretty diffcult person to live with due to his
Christian Science involvement.  But I love his movies.
I was a big fan of Top Gun, the first one, when it came out in highschool.
I'm not sure I remember the 2nd, if there was one.  But this particular one
looks incredibly well done.  If you haven't already, watch the trailers on
YouTube.  I'm pretty excited about it.  Hopefully won't be let down.  The
last movie I was really excited about was any of the Dark Knights; and for
both, not the specific titles or characters, but because of how well the
trailers portrayed them written -- and to me, didn't let down.
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