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Time: Saturday, 6-27-20, 7:07
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 AT> I have a macOS host machine , where I start a docker machine with
 AT> Mystic BBS
 AT> In the macOS host machine, I have a modem
 AT> Is there a way to make Mystic BBS open a modem session, answering to
 AT> phone ?
 AT> I have found a script that uses agetty and opens a telnet session when
 AT> modem connects, but there's no agetty in macOS (only getty, agetty
 AT> should be an extension of getty)
 AT> I have tried this command line:
 AT> /usr/libexec/getty -m -a root --wait-cr --init-string
 AT> 'ATE0Q1&D2&C1S0=1 15' --login-program /usr/bin/telnet --login-options
 AT> 'localhost 14025' tty.usbmodem123456781 115200
 AT> but does not work
 AT> (modem does not answer at all, so i suppose that init string was not
 AT> sent)
I run linux & raspberry os but this is where I would start
do you have a null modem cable available?? or modem on another pc??
can you launch a modem program on each machine and on the mystic machine,
type ATS0=1 (answer after 1 ring) then on the other ATO (if memory serves)
that will tell you the modems can communicate :-)
I am using a null-modem cable to communicate with an "OLD" 150mkz fujitsu
my getty line looks like this - but getty should also work
sudo agetty -i -L -h -t 60 ttyS0 9600 vt102 --host fujitsu
what this does, is -t timeout if no connection in 60 seconds --host is fake
host name for things like who etc. -l no issue (no system messages at
startup) -L local-line mode always - turns off carrier detect (in my case)
this gives me a login prompt on the laptop and from there I telnet out.
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