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Time: Saturday, 7-11-20, 11:42
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 MP>> I just saw an interesting error message
 MP>> ' unzip:  cannot find zipfile directory in one of /sbbs'
 gr> These are messages that come from unzip not Mystic.  I think by
 gr> default settings Mystic runs unzip in (qq) quiet mode to supress
 gr> messages.
 MP>> this message popped up on the right side of mutil (ran mutil full
 MP>> window) and text was in gray.. looked like some text might have
 MP>> been hidden behind the graphic speaking of which.. anyway to turn
 MP>> off the graphics?
 gr> If you want to turn off the display entirely you can run it with
 gr> -noscreen option and that should do the trick for you.
turns out both files were less 5k or less.
anyway to have mystic report corrupt nodelists ??
... So many systems...  So little time!
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