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Time: Saturday, 5-23-20, 10:47
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Hi Paul,
On 2020-05-23 14:54:45, you wrote to me:
 Wv>> Yes, something must be broken on your end... I haven't got a response
 Wv>> to the netmail I send you on the 11th... :-/
 PH> I found it y/day... I don't check 3:770/1 that often but if you
 PH> netmail me on 3:770/100 I would see it the next time I checked into my
 PH> BBS which I visit most days..
Aha, ok I see. I hope I remember that. ;)
Well I have a link with 770/1 and that's the system involved in what I
wanted to ask, so it was only logical to send it there...
Bye, Wilfred.
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