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Time: Monday, 8-19-19, 5:05
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>>> From Sean Dennis To All
> I found in some old documentation I had laying around in my filebase
> that I can get VMODEM's telnet engine to answer on a different port.
> VMODEM's telnet engine's IANA "well-known port name" is "vmotelnet".
> Go into C:\MPTN\ETC\SERVICES and remove the "telnet" lines.  Add
> "vmotelnet /tcp" and "vmotelnet /udp" (with  being the
> port number you want), save the file, reboot, and et voila! you can now
> run your BBS on a different telnet port.  I'm using port 2304 and no
> script kiddies.
Yes. But you can still run only one VMODEM. I played with this feature
once and tried to run one VMODEM/Telnet in port 23 and the other one in
port 32. I couldn't do it. :)
BTW. It is documented in SIO/VMODEM docs. ;-)
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