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Time: Friday, 1-03-20, 11:41
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In a message on 01-02-20 Tommi Koivula said to Holger Granholm:
TK> Hi Tommi,
TK> On 31/12/2019 11.28 you wrote:
TK> Happy this year!
I hope I will be ;o) Thanks for the message.
Lately I have been disappointed with the Fidonet feed via my Host in
Sweden. I don't blame my host (2:201/111) but I suspect the fault may
be at Bj”rn Felten as RC.
I have noted that much of the echo mail passes your node so I wonder if I
could poll your system, at least for a test to see how the flow is.
If I'm satisfied I can set up to poll to permanently poll your system
automatically every morning.
Also, I think that you use OS/2 on a laptop and wonder how you have
managed to install OS/2 on a modern machine. I have tried to install
Warp 4 on various machines but without success as soon as the processor
has more than one core.
On a Dell laptop I have it's possible to limit the first partition to
256 Mb for OS/2 but the processor has more than one core and therefore
limits the install of OS/2.
Of course with a modern SSD HD it would also allow the installation of
Windows 10pro on the same machine. Now I have Win10pro on both a laptop
and a stationary machine but I will never trust Windows to run my BBS.
Have a good night,
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