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Time: Tuesday, 6-02-20, 8:58
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ACUS48 KWNS 020858
SPC AC 020857
Day 4-8 Convective Outlook
NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
0357 AM CDT Tue Jun 02 2020
Valid 051200Z - 101200Z
An amplification of the large-scale pattern is expected through Day
4/Friday and Day 5/Saturday as the upper ridge builds over the
Plains ahead of an upper trough ejecting northeastward over the
Southwest States/central Rockies. Guidance variability and/or
mesoscale uncertainties preclude any 15+% graphical outlook areas at
this time, although some regional areas of severe potential are
noted below.
For Day 4/Friday, the building upper ridge across the Plains leads
to some uncertainty, but isolated strong/severe thunderstorms could
occur across the Lower Missouri Valley/Middle Mississippi River
Valley. Some severe risk may also exist across parts of Montana and
the adjacent northern High Plains.
On Day 5/Saturday, an amplifying East Coast upper trough and a
southeastward-moving cold front may focus severe thunderstorms
across the southern Appalachians/Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic States.
As the western CONUS trough becomes prominent, severe
weather-potential is expected to also increase across parts of
Montana and the northern High Plains on Day 5/Saturday. This risk
should shift eastward into additional portions of the Dakotas and
possibly Nebraska/Minnesota on Day 6/Sunday.
..Guyer.. 06/02/2020
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