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Time: Saturday, 7-04-20, 4:41
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 AA> I just wonder how is a desktop supposed to do it if it doesn't have a
 AA> wifi device attached.  Therefore, it just needs to broadcast the signal
 AA> over the LAN and the wifi from the router should broadcast it.
The way I understand it is that if you have the Wireless Display capability
enabled / included within your PC, it broadcasts wireless directly from the
PC to the MICROSOFT display device, which I believe works on the Miracast
technology.  It does NOT run through LAN to a router; so unlike a Ring Door
Bell, as an example, it does not require pairing the Wireless Display to the
router.  It works more like bluetooth.  I hope that makes sense.  You have
have the PC within 200ft range of the dongle to get good reception for it to
work as a result; unless they make some type of repeater.  Considering my TV
as well as my second monitor are within 10ft of the PC, I can speak to it
working perfectly.  And, it's not consuming resources or bandwidth (whatever
it's called) from the router.
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