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Time: Wednesday, 1-01-20, 12:14
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Searchlight forever!
I ran SL in San Diego 1989-1994, "Chemin de Guerre BBS" which still runs
like a top on a little hutch in my home.  I'm trying 1) to get it to run
under FreeDOS (it _sez) it has network connectivity, but I'm not a Netware
veteran, and if it gets too frustrating, I'll 2) copy it to a Windows box.
I bought Jason Scott's BBS:THE DOCUMENTARY and show it to my community
college students when I teach intro classes.  It's important.
Thanks Frank for writing the code, and Nick for running this one.  DOS
shouldn't be dead, since it is more secure in many ways than Windows, and
doesn't provide a path to Windows style goofing off when you're paying folks
to work....  (Ant the amount of spying Windows 10 does is not acceptable.)

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