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 TODAY  Version 3.7   06/24/94       Copyright 1986, 1994  By Patrick
 Today is Monday  August 27, 2012.
 This is the 240th day of the year, there are 126 days left.
 On this day...
    In 1893 The first of three great hurricanes that year struck
            South Carolina drowning more than 1000 persons in a tidal
            surge at Charleston.
    In 1964 Hurricane Cleo battered Miami and the South Florida area.
            It was the first direct hit for Miami in fourteen years.
            Winds gusted to 135 mph, and the hurricane caused 125
            million dollars damage.
    In 1970 Elko NV was deluged with 3.66 inches of rain in just one
            hour, establishing a state record.
    In 1987 Washington D.C. soared to a record hot 100 degrees, while
            clouds and rain to the north kept temperatures in the 50s
            in central and southeastern New York State.
    In 1988 Afternoon thunderstorms produced locally heavy rains in
            the southwestern U.S.  Thunderstorms in eastern
            New Mexico produced wind gusts to 75 mph near the
            White Sands Missile Range, and produced three inches
            of rain in two hours near the town of Belen.
    In 1989 Afternoon and evening thunderstorms produced severe
            weather in southeastern Nebraska, eastern Kansas and
            Missouri.  Thunderstorms produced baseball size hail
            south of Belleville KS, and tennis ball size hail south
            of Lincoln NE.  Thunderstorms produced golf ball size
            hail and wind gusts to 70 mph at Saint Joseph MO.
            Thunderstorms in North Dakota deluged the town of Linton
            with six inches of rain in one hour.
    In 2011 (27th-28th) After lashing the Bahamas days earlier with
            120 mph winds, Hurricane Irene made landfall near Cape
            Lookout, North Carolina, with 85 mph winds. The next
            day, she made landfall near Little Egg Inlet, New Jersey,
            as a minimal hurricane (75 mph winds), and passed over
            New York City as a 65 mph Tropical Storm. Widespread
            damage, storm surge flooding, and tornadoes, occured in
            her path. Irene was only the second hurricane to hit New
            Jersey since 1851, and Vermont was particularly hard hit.
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